Experts Recommend Better Masks During the Fight Against Omicron

With the new Omicron variant spreading across the globe, the demand for an effective mask is now at an all-time high. As variants become more transmissible & dangerous, Canadians are looking for the best mask available on the market to help protect them & their loved ones against COVID-19.

One of the masks that has been rapidly soaring in popularity and becoming a household favourite for many Canadians is the KF94 Mask. With its advanced protective properties, sleek look & comfortable fit, the KF94 Mask is sure to be in high demand in Canada in 2022. Here is everything you need to know about these masks.


KF stands for ‘Korean Filter’ and the '94' represents the 94% filtration rate, which refers to how efficient the mask is at filtering out small & potentially harmful particles. In the case of the KF94 Mask, the filter efficiency is 94% which is one of the highest rates for non-medical masks.

Fit & Style

The KF94 mask comes in 2 sizes that can be worn from children to adults, meaning they can be used in schools, workplaces & other public places where individuals of all ages are present. The KF94 masks are one of the most comfortable options available as they offer an adjustable fit due to an adjustable nose bar & ear loops. It offers an ergonomic 3D structure for comfortable breathing (does not touch lips), and a 4-layer filtration system that is highly effective when it comes to blocking out sources of infection while also being hypoallergenic & non-irritating.

Popular KF94 Brands

The most popular Health Canada & FDA authorized KF94 mask manufactured & produced in South Korea is the Forest Village KF94 mask. This mask features an adjustable nose bar & ear loops as well as side flaps to create a secure & comfortable fit. A close second is the Good Manner mask which is very similar in quality to the Forest Village, however South Korean shortages in the production of Good Manner KF94 masks has lead to higher prices and many counterfeit & fake replicas being manufactured in China and India for sale in North America. The next most popular KF94 mask in line would be the Fresh Guard KF94 mask.