Pure Mask Canada aims to supply the Canadian people with the best in personal protection. Manufactured in South Korea, our premium Forest Village KF94 masks are Health Canada Authorized, FDA Approved & offer the strongest protection of more than a 94% efficacy rate against small particles.

"Experts say that respirators for adults and children should be approved by Health Canada. On the PHAC website, those include . . . KN95 and KF94 respirators that meet specific standards" - CBC Canada

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Black Forest Village KF94 Mask (Adult)
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Our Forest Village KF94 Masks are one of the best mask options on the market for public use. The masks boast a 94% efficacy rate which means it can filter more than 94% of micro-particles, thereby protecting your respiratory system from small, potentially harmful, particles such as yellow dust, fine dust, and droplets.

  • Health Canada Authorized, FDA Registered & South Korean MFDS Approved
  • 4-Layer Filtration: Combines 3 outer layers of high-quality filters with 1 inner layer of skin-friendly, hypoallergenic filtration fabric.
  • Ergonomic 3D Fit: Designed with your comfort in mind; provides a secure fit & easy breathability
  • Adjustable Elements: Adjustable nose bar & ear loops mean the mask can be adjusted to fit your face shape
  • Individually packaged for hygienic purposes & for ease of use

Adult Mask Dimensions: 22cm x 15.5cm with an ear loop diameter of 8cm

*Not for Medical Use
*Please note that face masks are non-returnable for health & safety reasons

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Forest Village is Canada’s Most Reliable KF94 Face Mask

Quickly becoming a Canadian household favourite, the Forest Village KF94 Mask is your most effective choice when it comes to blocking out sources of infection. With its advanced protective properties, sleek look, and comfortable fit it’s easy to see why this KF94 Mask is Health Canada Authorized and FDA Approved.

Pure Mask 4 Layer Filtration System

Our Forest Village KF94 Mask Offers 4 Layers of Protection

Adjustable Strap for a Secure Fit

• 3D Structure for Comfort & Easy Breathing

• Available in Adult & Child Sizing

• Health Canada Authorized

• FDA Registered

Adult & Child Sizes

Outstanding Comfort & Fit for Children Too!

The Forest Village KF94 mask utilizes a 4-layer filtration system for a high level of protection, but perhaps more importantly it comes in a Child size which features an adjustable nose bar and ear loops so users can adjust the mask for a perfect fit, which is important as a comfortable & secure fit is paramount for children who have to wear these masks for prolonged periods of time. With a KF94 mask your child will be able to breathe comfortable while feeling safe & protected.

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