Q: How long does it take for shipping?

A: When items are in stock shipping typically takes 3 to 5 business days in North America. 

Q: What is KF94 Mask?

A: KF stands for ‘Korean filter’ and the '94' represents the filtration efficiency, which refers to how good the mask is at filtering out particles. In the case of the KF94 mask, the filter efficiency is 94%. They are one of the top recommended masks for non-medical use.

Q: How long can I wear KF94 masks?

A: KF94 masks are safe to use for approximately 1 day as they are single use masks.

Q: Are KF94 masks reusable?

A: KF94 masks are not designed or recommended for extended use. They are meant for one-time use only.

Q: Is the Forest Village Mask a KF94 Mask?

A: Yes, Forest Village Masks are KF94 Masks that are Health Canada authorized, FDA registered & South Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety regulated.

Q: What is the difference in size between the adult KF94 mask and the children’s KF94 masks?

A: Our KF94 Adult Mask Size is 220mm x 155mm with an ear loop diameter of 80mm. Our KF94 Child Mask Size is 180mm x 145mm with an ear loop diameter of 55mm.

Q: What are the differences between KF94 and KN95 Masks?

A: KF94 masks are Made in South Korea, which is regulated by South Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, which means are heavily regulated and tested by the South Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, which makes counterfeits & fakes extremely difficult to produce, sell & export. KN95 masks on the other hand are from China, and it should be noted that the KN95 is a self-reported test standard which lacks strict government regulation by China, resulting in many underperforming and often flat-out fake masks. Korean KF94 Masks are also required to test for “CO2 clearance,” which prevents CO2 from building up inside the mask. In contrast, KN95 masks don’t have this requirement.

Q: Can I wear a KF94 Mask instead of a medical-grade mask?

A: No, our KF94 Masks are not meant to be used as an alternative for any medical-grade masks or filtering respirators such as an N95 Mask. It is not a medical device. Our KF94 Masks are one of the best face mask options for public use, developed so that N95s and other medical-grade masks supply will be available for medical professionals & front-line workers.

Q: How can I ensure my kids are protected from infections when they return to school?

A: Masks are mandated by the government, and it makes sense to have your kid wear one that is highly effective and fits them comfortably (since they’re expected to wear a mask for approx. 6 hours per day). The KF94 mask utilizes a 4-layer filtration system for a high level of protection, but perhaps more importantly it comes in a Child size which features an adjustable nose bar and ear loops so users can adjust the mask for a perfect fit, which is important as a comfortable & secure fit is paramount for children who have to wear these masks for prolonged periods of time. With a KF94 mask your child will be able to breathe comfortable while feeling safe & protected.

Q: Is PureMask an authorized Canadian retailer for Forest Village KF94 masks?

A: Yes, We are an Authorized Canada Retailer of products manufactured by The Bio Inc. The Bio Inc. is the only Health Canada, FDA & South Korean MFDS authorized manufacturer of Forest Village KF94 Masks.